Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Walker Woos Mainway, Inc. to Wisconsin

For months, Scott Walker campaigned on creating a special session of the Legislature to put Wisconsin back to work.

Now we know one of the cornerstones of Walker’s job creation agenda: tort reform. Most people find that laughable. Well, not Mainway, Inc.

While business leaders around the state are trying to figure out how this is going to help them create jobs, I’ve done Commerce Secretary Jadin’s job for him. I’ve found the perfect company to woo to Wisconsin. I’d like to introduce to you to Mainway, Inc. You may be familiar with Mainway Inc. because of their now famous toys Bag O’ Glass, Johnny Switchblade and Chainsaw Teddy.

Tort reform practically killed this American company. But Walker might single-handedly bring them back. One step closer to 250,000 jobs I guess…

Walker’s bill will change Wisconsin law to require plaintiffs to prove a company was “practically certain” their product would result in injuries. Exactly how tort reform is going to woo companies away from making their shoddy products overseas where labor is cheaper and materials used can be deadly has not been made clear to me. But, since Republicans aren’t the least bit concerned, I guess neither am I. As long as companies are required to include disclaimers like: "Kid, be careful, broken glass", I’m sure nobody will get hurt ever again…

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