Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome to FitzWalkerstan

Wisconsinites, don’t recognize your state?

Over the past month, the most public of public buildings in my legislative district, the State Capitol, has been regularly locked down during business hours. Even legislators weren’t able to get in or out.

Don’t worry, though. Gov. Walker has a tunnel.

Over the past month, Republicans have ignored 50 years of Wisconsin tradition of negotiating with our state employees. Instead, Walker just issued layoff notices to thousands of state workers.

Don’t worry, Walker just gave himself more than 30 brand new political staff.

Over the past month, Republican legislators have continuously violated our own legislative rules. They’ve even disobeyed state law and a court order.

Don’t worry, they’re above the law.

Don’t recognize your state? That’s because it’s not your state anymore. The Republicans have spent the past two months quietly trying to form their own junta aimed at dismembering Wisconsin.

Welcome to FitzWalkerstan, where Wisconsin is open for special interest give-a-ways and closed to the middle-class.

The New Order will be issuing new laws soon. Stay tuned.


  1. Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of Wisconsin's workers and families. Today is a horrible, horrible day.

  2. Mark, you forgot to take the workers off of the flag...insert thirty pieces of gold (the price is higher).

  3. "Walker just gave himself more than 30 brand new political staff." Good lord. He's a total abomination.
    The importance of the upcoming Supreme Court election increases daily. A win by Prosser is a win for FitzWalkerstan. The ramifications are huge.

  4. Get ready for phase two - the privatization of public services in Wisconsin.

  5. Looks like you have to go out of the country to get an accurate account of this...

  6. Thought I'd also post a link to my own blog on the topic..

    Also, some nice artwork by a friend.

  7. Please, Wisconsin, get all these rogues recalled! Before this disease spreads to the rest of our country.

  8. Way to say it like it is! They broke the law to take health insurance from poor people and give to the rich.

  9. I am aghast as I view from Oregon what these bullies are doing to the working families of Wisconsin.
    It's a good thing we were able to (just barely) repel an onslaught of corporate money here in Oregon last year which would have given us a right-wing, union-busting governor too.
    Let's get all these Wisconsin bozos recalled - including Walker & Van Hollen!

  10. We are with you here in Michigan. No one is immune. Keep fighting the good fight. It is not over until we are dead and even then our children will not stand for this kind of world.