Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can anyone trust Scott Walker?

Should the Senate Democrats trust Scott Walker?

No really, I’m asking.

We already know that Scott Walker lied to the voters when he embellished the size of the state’s deficit so he could justify sticking it to hardworking state employees. Even I’m not alone on that assertion, just check out Capitol veteran reporter Steven Walters’ Op Ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on February 27th that states, “And about that $3.6 billion deficit estimate. It’s misleading…”

Then, Walker admits, while being punked by someone he believed to be billionaire David Koch, to intentionally trying to dupe Senators into returning to the state without a compromise.

Then, he tells the media he won’t negotiate. Yet, as a result of a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel open records request, we see his office has been kinda sorta negoti-emailing with a Democrat.

So, Walker lies to the public and the media and admits to trying to dupe the Senate Democrats. Tell me why anyone should believe him at this point?

Governor, the ball is in your court. Pick up the phone, talk to the Senators directly, negotiate in good faith, come to a compromise and end this thing.


  1. Trust is something your earn Scott Walkers actions prove him to be someone you can't trust.

  2. Caution: The forced passing of the bill that happened this evening was a fake pass. If the senators come back, they will pass it for real. I hope the democratic senators stay away from Wisconsin until the people have control of the senate. This is just a ploy to get the senators to come back.

  3. Walker also swears cross his heart and hope to die that there are no tax or fee increases in his budget repair bill. Seems to me that this is a more significant lie.