Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Walker, the buck stops where?

According to the Walker administration’s Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin gained 12,900 private-sector jobs in June.

Walker passes the buck on unemployment rate.
Who did Walker give credit to?

Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which brought your federal tax dollars home, both kept necessary need-based programs afloat while also funding projects that put people to work?


Did he give legislative Democrats credit for passing more than 50 different job creation measures last session when we were in control of the legislature?


Did he give credit to legislative Republicans, who thus far have talked a lot about job creation but yet passed very few ideas that will actually create jobs?


So who did he give credit to? Well, himself of course. On July 28, 2011, he issued this release, touting the number of jobs created on his watch.

Since Walker was so quick to take the credit, you’d think he’d also be quick to take the blame for July’s 12,500 private-sector jobs lost.

Wrong again!

In fact, he puts the onus in part on the recall elections. So, how did the recall elections hurt Wisconsin’s economy?

Good question. According to the people who apparently write Scott Walker’s talking points (Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce), the recall elections created “uncertainty” in our economy. I’m not making this up. Check out WMC’s statement here, which Walker basically regurgitated the next day to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

When the Journal Sentinel asked Walker if he should be accountable for the job loss since he previously took credit for job gains, he blamed job loss on “incredible uncertainty.”
So there you have it. Scott Walker wanted to be governor, but now that he’s in charge, he doesn’t want to be accountable.
Governor Walker, your continuous political rhetoric can’t hide your lack of real movement on job creation in Wisconsin (lawyers defending legislative lawsuits and poll workers doesn’t count as job creation).

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