Monday, February 21, 2011

Near-Riots in Madison!!!?

Did that headline draw you into this blog? Fox News is hoping those words draw in viewership. Right-wing pundits from Fox News said Madison had turned into a scene of “near riots.”

A couple thousand people attended the tea party rally while approximately 70,000 plus supporters of workers surrounded them in a parade that spanned a continuous circle around the State Capitol. One of my aides followed a national Fox Business reporter and their cameraman and overheard the reporter feverishly calling into his control room.

You see, the tea party rally was getting close to ending and he wanted a live shot of the counter demonstration clashing with the tea partiers. “They are pushing in and this is going to get violent,” the man said excitedly. If only wishing made it so. Volunteers walked through the rallies with signs that read “This is a peaceful protest” and reminded people to keep their cool. Tea partiers had to exit their rally through a sea of teachers and nurses. Nobody got hurt.

But surely there were a lot of arrests, right? Nope. Zip. Zero. Nada. Sorry Fox News, your efforts to incite violence was thwarted by a bunch of public servants. Who would have thought?


  1. I was right at the corner of square when the tea party left their rally. There was barely even heated arguments, let a lone violence. To their credit, the tea party supporters were well behaved too.

  2. Mark, I've been reading your blog the past several days and have linked to it on Facebook and when emailing some political bloggers (Andrew Sullivan, Talking Points Memo). Thank you for continuing to talk about the so-called Budget Bill aka Walker Power Grab.

    Laurie M.

  3. Thanks for providing this honest assessment.