Friday, February 18, 2011

Why Walker Created His “Fiscal Crisis”

Scott Walker’s fiscal crisis is only a crisis if he decides to make good on his campaign promises.

Walker keeps talking about how the state is broke, yet he had no problem making $3.8 billion in campaign pledges to the wealthy to reduce the state’s tax collections. Furthermore, he later promised an additional $1.5 billion pledge to “repeal the corporate income tax.”

Yup, that’s right, Scott Walker says our state is in a fiscal crisis, and yet he wants to reduce state revenues by $5.3 billion.

If you are a worker who’s been hit hard by the economy, did you stop collecting income as a way to fix the problem? Nope, didn’t think so. But that’s exactly what Walker plans to do.

Up until now, Walker has been successful in spinning his fake budget crisis. However, Walker has been so careless in his pledges, that One Wisconsin Now has captured every single special-interest pledge Governor Gimmick (Walker’s new nickname) has made. You can find a citation for every single dollar of the nearly $5.3 billion in pledges here and here.

Next time Walker says we’ve got a fiscal crisis, just remember that he’s referring to completely unrealistic $3.9 billion in new spending state agencies want (that’s an increase of 6.2%), and that doesn’t even factor in $5.3 billion lost revenue Walker has promised his wealthy friends.

No wonder Walker just asked for more time before introducing his budget. He’s beginning to realize it’s unrealistic to make good on all his campaign pledges. Tic-tock Governor, the longer light shines on your fables, the less the public and the media will trust what you say.

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